Our Products

1. Wireless usb (W-USB) communication hand held device based on ARM platform.

The wireless usb communication hand held device offers to send and receive multimedia streaming data across machines over wireless medium. Integrity of data is ensured by capturing and analyzing the packet stream through the packet analyzer running as an application. The wireless usb hand held device operates on high speed data transfer mode using usb2.0 specification at 480Mbits/sec.
Size: 25,00 Mb.

The W-USB host tries to mitigate the unreliability of wireless mediums (a 10% error rate is considered acceptable for 1 kB packets; in wired media this value is usually around 10-9) maintaining counters and statistics for each device and possible requesting information from them. It can also access and modify the transmit power control functions of each device, as well as change transmission parameters such as data payload size and bandwidth adjustments.

WUSB devices installed for the first time supports automatically install drivers, security features, and so on and associate with systems that they can interact with. The concepts of 'turn on and use it' with an easy setup procedure will be employed.

Wireless USB device controller is designed to be used in a system to provide Wireless USB connectivity between the device it is being used on and the Wireless USB host. It is based on the Wireless USB specification 2.0 and is compliant with the ECMA 369/368 UWB Phy interface standard. At the heart of a wireless USB system is the radio and antenna system. Wireless USB employs a wireless technology called Ultra-wideband (UWB), which operates in the frequency range of 3.1 to 10.6 GHz. One of the key advantages to a UWB system is the low power consumption (great for portable devices) and wide frequency spectrum of operation.

2. SecurePass v.Crypt TM

A complete Web security solution for the enterprise.

SecurePass offers superior protection for businesses and their consumers against the rising risks of identity theft from Phishing, Pharming, Trojans, Key loggers, Proxy Attacks and all other known and emerging threats. In addition regulations and mandates (such as FFIEC, HIPAA, PCI) governing online data privacy, place online security at a premium. Only SecurePass v.Crypt platform offers comprehensive fraud analysis, tracking and prevention capabilities for the enterprise as part of a single Web-based product that requires no hardware, software or device installations of any kind. No lost or stolen devices to manage, no costly implementations, only the most robust defense available today in a Web tool that is practical for both your business and your customers to use.

SecurePass's core offering is the v.Crypt TM platform which includes: The v.Crypt Authenticator product offers a Web authentication catalog built on a patent pending design and technology, including the most secure interfaces found anywhere in the industry, the SecurePass Wheel and Slider .

The v.Crypt Tracker product which fingerprints all customer logins and tracks customers everyday use, then gathers this data into a rules and profiles engine which can alert the business to possible fraudulent login attempts (contact us for more information about SecurePass's Fraud Analysis and Alerts (FAAS) feature).

SecurePass's v.Crypt TM is supported by industry-standard technologies including Flash, Java, JavaScript, SVG, and HTML. SecurePass's v.Crypt TM is therefore compatible with any conventional web browser, and end users are not required to download additional proprietary software or plug-ins for it to work. The SecurePassTM is Server Plug-In works on any platform used by the client and seamlessly integrates with existing authentication systems. SecurePass TM currently requires installation at the client site, but may be offered in the future as a hosted service.

Expected Key Benefits

  • Create stronger, step-up authentication based on access policies, risk-based rules evaluation
  • Mutually authenticate users and websites with protection against identity theft
  • Adapt policy-based authorizations to usage patterns, behavior and anticipated risks
  • Define granular compliance reports based on real-time data
  • Enable deep analysis and forensics against historical events