Our Solutions

1. Oracle Database Platform

Inteliant Service Delivery Teams have unparalleled expertise in all Oracle database versions (7.0, 8i, 9i, 10G, 11G) and application versions running on all platforms supported by the Oracle product set.

A well managed Oracle database provides superior levels of performance, availability and functionality. A mismanaged Oracle database often leads to an environment that is plagued by poor performance, limited functionality, high total cost of ownership, complex administration and tuning, lack of scalability, and poor reliability/availability.

Our support professionals come from many different backgrounds and possess a wide range of expertise. Because of our diverse customer base, our team members have been exposed to hundreds of different application/database/operating system/hardware combinations. There is not much that they haven't seen before. When new situations do emerge, they have unparalleled access to industry resources to help them quickly identify the problem and devise a solution.

One of the key responsibilities we have as your technology partner is to maintain continuous research and evaluation efforts involving leading edge technologies to ensure you are employing and benefiting from the best in class practices and products available. Our diverse customer base utilizes many different technologies. As a result, we maintain a constant effort to identify new products and new product features that will have a positive impact on their unique computing environments.

Our team's knowledge and skills are organized around a unique "Centers of Excellence" concept. In these centers we focus, align, and leverage team members' talents and passion for particular areas with customers needs. The "Centers of Excellence" include:

We also have a number of "Centers of Expertise" where we foster high-end specialization. The "Centers of Expertise" for SQL Server include:

2. Proactive Monitoring Center™

Daily support requests and problem solving often overwhelm System and Database Administration groups. Understaffing, over-commitment to supporting new applications, lack of repeatable processes and budgetary constraints are the most common causes of SAs/DBAs being reactive instead of proactive.

The reactive Administrator can be compared to a firefighter; they resolve problems only after the problem occurs. The biggest problems garner the most attention. The reactive Administrators time is dominated by these by firefighting activities, reducing the amount of time they are able to spend implementing the process and procedures required to switch their mode from reactive firefighter to proactive problem prevention.

Inteliant understands that the effective monitoring of critical database indicators is the critical component of any remote support strategy. Inteliant dedicates personnel who are responsible for creating, implementing and enhancing a strategic blueprint for the proactive monitoring and trouble-shooting required to prevent database problems before they occur. Since the proactive support blueprint is already in place, companies employing Inteliant Experts to support their databases do not have to spend the additional monies required to create a proactive support environment.